Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today the migraine continued until about 2:30....I am so thankful to finally be feeling normal again.  We didn't do much because I was feeling bad, but I did make sure Ana Kate took a nap before we headed to church.  Tonight was our night to teach toddler class and I helped in another room since Doug wasn't back yet.  He did make it right at the end of rather than going to the 2nd service we went to pick Ana Kate up since she had missed her Daddy so much.  I think he missed her a lot too!  I hated to miss the service, but we can download the podcast this week. 

Doug brought Ana Kate 2 dresses from El Salvador and she had to put one on immediately.  I would have thought she'd be glad to take pictures in her pretty new dress, but she was watching a movie we rented for her and wouldn't budge from her I got maybe 2 pictures tonight....that were really bad.  Oh well.  We'll do better tomorrow. 

That's about it for our day....I'm tired and heading to bed.