Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We stayed home today and tried to unpack and recover from our travels.  I had planned to do some more deep cleaning, but got distracted with a great book.  I have a blog friend who is delving into a writing career and I was one of her beta readers for her 2nd book.  It was an entertaining read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I can't wait to see it published...she is such an amazing writer!

My Mom came over to watch Ana Kate while I went to take some photos of my cousin's family.  It was the first time I had a shoot with a family of three and it wasn't easy.  I changed several settings on my camera to adjust and get a better focus.  I'm not entirely happy with the sharpness, but I did learn what works and what doesn't work for future shoots.  I also learned to always have a back-up location.  We arrived at our first location (a park) and all the sprinklers were on and everything was soaking wet!  So we went to a nearby location and took several shots.  Their 2 year old was very wiggly, which I totally it was tough to get photos with everyone looking.  In the end I think we got a handful that turned out.  I hope Jennifer will be happy with them.  I still have some practice to do on group shots, so that is something for me to work on.

I only took a couple of shots of Ana Kate today....right before I left for my session.  She had tons of fun with Mimi and didn't want her to leave.