Monday, August 30, 2010

242/365 - Happy Birthday Ana Kate!!

Today Ana Kate celebrated her 3rd birthday and went to her first day of pre-school.  She was super excited when I woke her up and reminded her what today was.  She was running around saying, " I was 2, but now I'm 3!"  I can't believe my baby girl is did that happen?  And going to pre-school!  You can definitely see the difference that a year has made in her, it always amazes me how much kids learn in the first 3 years.  I will do a post later this week with her 3 year update. 

As I was getting her dressed for school (which is at our church) we had the following conversation:
Ana Kate:  Will we sing songs at school?
Me:  I'm not sure.
Ana Kate:  Maybe I'll ask God.  God, will we sing songs at school today?
Me:  What did He say?
Ana Kate:  I think he said yes.
And yes...they did sing songs at school.  : )

She ran right into her classroom when we got there and started telling her teacher she was 3 today.  Her teachers were wonderful!  When I picked her up they were telling me how funny she was.  I also got a note of what she did today and the comments said she has a spunky personality.  So it went really well.  She also took a short nap at school.  I took cupcakes for her class and they loved them!  When I asked her how she like school she said, " I loved it!"  So a great start to a hopefully great year!  Yay!

Trying to get a 1st day of school picture, but she wouldn't face the camera.

I made dinner for everyone and Mimi came over.  Then after dinner Ana Kate opened Whitney & Josh's presents and was super excited.  They got her 3 DVDs that she wanted and a coloring book, and stickers. 

Photos for her birthday aren't great because I had to use a flash since we were inside.  I'm planning to try and take 3 year photos of her soon....if she'll cooperate.

Oh...I also want to say Happy Birthday to my friend Amanda who shares Ana Kate's birthday.  I hope you had a wonderful day Amanda!

Serenading the neighborhood with her card.

The card Whitney gave her played a song from Litte Mermaid and she had to have it in her pictures.


Amanda said...

Thanks! I had a great day and it looks like she had a wonderful 3rd birthday! I hope her excitement for school doesn't wear off!

Andee said...

Happy belated birthday Ana Kate! :)