Friday, August 20, 2010


I got Ana Kate up at 8:30 today and we were out of the house by 9:15.  I had a MOPS table leader meeting and so we also had a playdate for the kids.  It was a bit distracting with all the kids there, but we had a great discussion and I'm so excited for MOPS to start this year.  If you aren't familiar with MOPS it stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It is a large organization and there are groups all over the country.  Our group meets twice a month and I've met some amazing women there and formed some wonderful friendships.  To read more about it or to find a group in your area check out their website.

After the meeting we stopped by Gap.  I found a couple of things on clearance and with my $20 coupon I only spent $7 on a cute outfit for Ana Kate!  After that we headed home for lunch and naptime.  I had such a hard time getting Ana Kate to nap today, so I'm not sure waking her up an hour early helped.  Maybe she'll go to bed earlier?  I'm hoping...  : )

After nap we went to Target and then Ana Kate asked for Sonic for dinner, so we picked that up on the way home.  I desperately need to clean house this weekend, so that's the plan.  I am really struggling with Ana Kate keeping her toys picked up....we've been 'discussing' it all evening.  I think Mommy will win in the end, but I'm sure it will be a frustrating battle.  So wish me luck.   : )

More funny faces....


Nicki said...

Haha awh:) The last picture gave me a giggle.. so adorable!
- nicki xo