Saturday, February 27, 2010


We did lots of shopping today and had a great time.  Ana Kate got some new spring/summer clothes as well as new tennis shoes.  She was pretty good today, but it helped that Daddy went shopping with us....he was able to play with Ana Kate while I was shopping.

Whitney went to school today even though she is still in a lot of pain.  She made it all day...but she's not feeling very good tonight.  It's a good thing she has two days off now to rest.  I'm hoping she'll feel more like herself by Tuesday.

Church was great tonight.  We've been discussing marriage this month and tonight's sermon was the conclusion.  I really enjoyed it and got some great information out of the discussion.  I love our church!  Ana Kate is also doing SO well in the nursery...she waves bye to us now when we drop her off and is happy as can be when we pick her up.

I took pictures today outside before we went to church.  The sun was beautiful...but it was SO chilly!