Monday, February 1, 2010


We took Cricket back to the vet today and if was a lovely experience.  Cricket is the best dog, but she gets extremely nervous at the vet.  Add in Ana Kate running around trying to pull her on the leash and talking super loud and it was quite a lovely outing.  I was so happy when we finally got home!  Not much else today besides grocery shopping. 

Ana Kate did nap today and was in such a good mood when she got up.  I was holding her right after she woke up and she was looking at my feet and says...'Oh Mommy I love your walking shoes.'  It's funny to me that she called them that because I typically only wear tennis shoes if we are going for a walk.  Lately when I suggest we do something she will always say...'That's a great idea Mom!'.  And then the other day we were walking into the bookstore and I was letting her go to the children's section.  I asked her if she was going to behave and looked up at me and said ' You Betcha'.  I have no idea where she got that....none of us ever say that...but it was SO funny. month down and 11 left to go on my 365 project.  I have to say it's been pretty easy so far, but today it was tough to even attempt pictures.  Ana Kate actually didn't mind...of course she had chocolate again, so she was happy.

Ana Kate loves Josh and she loves his iphone....he is sweet and always lets her play with it.


Candace said...

Candace, your pictures are absolutely amazing! You have a great eye, and little Ana is just precious! Thank you so much for your help with the button... still working on it though. I can't wait to get my 365 challenge updated!:)