Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We had a pretty rough night last night....Ana Kate didn't sleep well and even after she got in our bed she was crying every few hours.  Not sure why she was having issues sleeping, but she made up for it this morning.  She slept soundly from about 7am to 10am.

I had a doctor's appointment today so Doug came home for lunch to watch Ana Kate.  They cleaned the kitchen while I was gone, which was really nice!  Ana Kate and I then went to Target this afternoon with Mimi and had a good time.  I bought Ana Kate a swimsuit and a couple of summer outfits that were super cute!  I thought since Ana Kate slept in this morning she wouldn't take a nap....but she fell asleep at 4:30 on our way home and didn't get back up until I will probably have a late night tonight.  

In other news...Whitney decided to move back home until she finishes school.  She moved most of her stuff last night, but we'll be getting her furniture and big stuff this week.  I think she really enjoyed being out on her own, but she has a pretty demanding schedule with 35 hours of school each week in addition to work.  I also think it was hard for her to have roomates....3 girls and only 1 bathroom...definitely not something she is used to!  All in all I think it was a good learning experience, but she needs to focus on school right now rather than paying bills.  I know she missed Ana Kate a lot, so they are having some special sister bonding time this week and it's so sweet to see them together.

I've been really slacking on the 365 photos....I think the hardest part of this challenge is that an active 2 year old is my subject!  She doesn't always want her picture taken and lately I just haven't been motivated to get good shots.  So I am going to really put in some effort the rest of this week...we'll see how it goes.  Tonight's pics were taken while watching tv and Ana Kate was having fun with Riley...