Friday, February 19, 2010


We were up and out early this morning for my MOPS meeting.  We had a great speaker who taught us how to get the most out of a home vegetable garden.  It was very interesting and I really learned a lot.  Doug has a garden every year, so now we have a few new things to try.  It was fun start to our day.

After MOPS we came home for naptime.  Ana Kate had a great nap today, but was a tiny bit cranky when she got up. 

I got a new lens for my camera yesterday and was SO looking forward to playing with it today.  We had a cloudy day with a few not a lot of time outside.  I took Ana Kate out after her nap and she was a little lethargic, so we didn't take many pictures.  Oh...and Ana Kate insisted on wearing her green shoes today and kept pointing them out to me and telling me how they matched her I included one of the many pictures of her 'showing' me her shoes.

When Doug got home we decided to go out for dinner and Ana Kate did so well.  After that we made a quick trip to Walmart and then home for the night.