Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!  We didn't do much today....Ana Kate is easy to please, she was happy with her balloon and candy and we made a giant heart cookie for Whitney.  Doug and I didn't really exchance gifts or anything, we don't usually make a big deal over it.  Technically I did get my new camera last month and I just ordered a new I'd say that is my present for Valentine's, Mother's Day, and my birthday!

This afternoon I was supposed to take some pictures of Whitney.  So we drove about 10-15 minutes to go to this neat location with a waterfall, then walked about 1/2 a mile to get to the waterfall (and it was COLD today....and Whitney had heels on).  So we get to the waterfall, get in position, I get out my camera to start metering and I get all....the battery was dead!!  I actually felt like all I could do was laugh about it...I didn't even think to check the battery because I rarely have to charge it.  In fact, I don't think I've charged it since I first got the camera almost a month ago, and I use it every day.  Anyway...let's just say Whitney didn't think it was very funny.  So hopefully I can talk her into another photo shoot, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.  : (  So I think I will buy an extra battery and always make sure I have at least one battery fully charged in the future! 

Today is also Tet (Vietnamese New Year) as well.  So we had originally planned to eat dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.  However, we don't have many around here and the two I know of are in Fayetteville, so we ended up going to a great Chinese restaurant in Rogers instead.  Ana Kate loved it and ate lots of fried rice and spring rolls.  She even drank some of my green tea after it had cooled down.  We had a great time.   After dinner we went for a drive and Ana Kate napped in the car, then we stopped by Mimi's (my Mom's) for a short visit.  When we got home Whitney was just getting ready to go out with her boyfriend Josh.  When Josh got here he had some Valentine's chocolates for Ana was SO sweet and she LOVES chocolate!!  She would have eaten the whole box if I had let her. 

Not much else going on tonight...I was excited to see that The Amazing Race is back of my favorite shows!!  I would love to go on that show, but I definitely couldn't do it with my husband...we would kill each other, plus I could never leave Ana Kate for that length of time.  Hmmm...maybe when she's older.  I guess I have time to find a race partner...

Photos were super quick tonight....I didn't have the right lighting and was too lazy to mess with it, I promise to do better tomorrow.  We might even get outside for some of the pictures this week!