Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 9 - Swimming with Ana Kate

We didn't do much today. After breakfast we went to the Big C to buy more diapers and things and when we got back Ana Kate took a nap. After her nap we got ready and went down to the pool. She LOVED the water.....she liked mommy getting in with her, so it was definitely a big hit. I even put her under a few times to see if she'd hold her breath and she didn't get mad....she just blinked the water out of her eyes. I think we have a water baby. We will definitely spend more time in the pool now. After swimming we all took a long nap (which was really nice). Around 5:00 we walked to the laundry to pick up our clothes and they found our missing things....yeah...we were very happy. We also stopped by a little place called The Deli and got take out. I got fried rice and Ana Kate ate about 15 - 20 big bites...so she's definitely wanting more solid food. That was about it. Tomorrow we get Ana Kate's passport and have our SOS clinic appointment. Enjoy the pictures.

Sleepy baby at nap time.

Ana Kate loving the water.

Ana Kate in the water with Mommy.

Ana Kate trying to splash the water.

Ana Kate hanging out in her floaty toy.


Ana said...

You'll love the staff at the SOS clinic...very nice place. It should go very smoothly.

I love the pics of Ana Kate in the pool...did you bring that floaty or buy it there??

It sounds like you are enjoying your time with your newest addition.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know we love you and enjoy the great updates.
Taryn & Logan

Deric & Amanda said...

sounds like she is enjoying the pool now.You will have to set one up in the backyard when you get home!!! Well I can't wait for you guys to come home to meet the little princess!

Candace said...

We did buy her floaty here at a little shop down the street from the hotel. Daddy picked it out....as you can see it's a little boyish.

Lena said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun in the pool! That is great that she enjoys it and isn't afraid of it at such a young age. At the pace she's developing she'll learn how to swim in no time.

Any chance you can get home sooner than July 1st?


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog daily and am so happy for you, Doug and Ana Kate. She is a very precious little girl. Can't wait for you guys to get back where we can meet her in person.