Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 12 - More Shopping

Today breakfast was very crowded. All the Miss Universe contestants were down at the same time and so it was hard to find a seat. At one point during breakfast Doug took a picture of the Templeton's with Miss USA. It turned out really good. I thought about getting a picture, but Ana Kate had just started to eat and I figured it would be chaos if I tried to get her out of the high chair. After breakfast we headed out with the Templeton's to do more shopping. We found a street with several small shops that had some really nice of course we bought some things. It was relatively mild today with a nice breeze, so it was a great day for shopping. We came back to the hotel and the lobby was crowded once again as the pagent girls were should see all the luggage these girls travel with....the elevators were completely packed. We hung out in the room and I took a nap with Ana Kate. We really haven't done much else today....we got room service because it is pouring rain outside and we didn't feel like going out. Enjoy the pictures of baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Hey again--I can't believe the time it takes for this process! I am sure you are ready for your own bed. Well, you will have to let me know as we get closer if you will be ready for visitors less than a week after you get home. The Miss Universe girls must provide some needed free entertainment. Maybe you will see Donald Trump...what a treat! haha

Talk soon--Love, Shell

Tammy Fields said...

Guys, I just CAN'T wait for you to get home!!!!! What a precious baby girl. Her and Whitney are going to adore each other! I bet Whitney is SO excited about being a big sis! All the things she'll get to teach little Ana Kate! Bet the Miss Universe sightings have been cool! No drooling Doug! ; )
Miss you guys, and hope to see you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun for your trip memories for Ana Kate that the Miss Universe girls stayed at the same hotel as her. She'll feel so glamorous when she's older. What fun!