Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 14 - Even More Shopping

Yes, we are filling most of our remaining time here shopping. You can stay in a small hotel room with an active baby for only so we shop.

Today after breakfast we walked to Dan's Shop & Bistro (just down from the hotel) and we bought a few snacks to take on the plane to hopefully occupy Ana Kate. When we got back to the hotel we met up with the Templeton's and decided to do more shopping in the old quarter. We decided to buy a stroller to help us during the layovers and the we got one for a good price. We tried to put Ana Kate in it and she absolutely hated it. So I guess she'll either learn to like it...or we have a cute little stroller to push our backpacks around the airport. :) We only bought a couple other little things then took a break at Highland's Coffee before heading back to the hotel.

We watched a movie in the room while baby girl napped and then walked back to Dan's Shop and Bistro for dinner. We got chicken and pineapple fried rice and a hamburger with fries. Everything was really good and they are very nice there. Now we're back at the hotel hanging out....we're hoping Ana Kate will sleep good tonight. She did better last night...she only woke 3 or 4 times, so hopefully that will continue. We didn't take many pictures today, but I've posted what we have. Enjoy.

Our little sweet pea...

Views from the 18th floor balcony at our hotel: