Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 10 - Passport & SOS Appointment

Today at breakfast Ana Kate ate just about everything we gave her. Her favorites were the egg dumplings and fried noodles. We had to take a picture of the huge mess she was making. We tried to clean up after her, but it was pretty bad. After breakfast we went to the business center to print out copies of paperwork that we needed. Around 1:00 we headed out to get Ana Kate's passport and then to the SOS clinic for her medical check. We got a couple of pictures of the weird looks Ana Kate gave the doctor, but she was great during her exam. The doctor mentioned that she was one of the healthiest adopted babies he's seen and he also commented that she was very advanced in her development for her age. This was very good news....we were expecting some delays in development, but that isn't the case at all. She weighed in at 18 pounds....I knew she was heavy. She is wearing 9 months clothes though, so the weight is a little deceiving. She definitely looks lighter than she feels. After that we came back to the hotel and made a bottle then went out to dinner. Not very exciting tonight, but we did get a cute picture of Ana Kate in the taxi...remember they don't use car seats here. It was really scary the first couple of days, but now I'm getting used to the traffic here. Enjoy the pictures.

Messy girl at breakfast.

Getting her medical exam.

The 'hold' and the 'face' while getting her ears checked.

More funny faces.

Ana Kate in the taxi.


Anonymous said...

Candace, Ana Kate's expression is so great during her dr. appt. Also the taxi pic is priceless especially with the great Hanoi traffic behind her. Looks and sounds like she's doing great.


Deric & Amanda said...

Looks like she is holding on for dear life in the taxi!! Those pictures are cute. I am so glad she is a healthy little girl. I know a lot of the time the children aren't as healthy. I was just talking about you to one of my clients today who adopted from China..... little Lexa is 4 now, but she had some set backs but now is a wonderful little girl.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Doug & Candace! We can't wait to meet Ana Kate. Will you be able to return by the 1st or earlier? Are you registered for baby gifts?

Our thoughts & prayers are with you,
Matt & Kathi