Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3 - Trip to Hanoi

This morning we got up at around 5:00, packed everything and ate breakfast. We left Vinh around 7:00 to drive to Hanoi. It was a long trip, but not too bad. Ana Kate was, as usual, getting into everything. We rode in front with Mr. Le and she was into everything she could get her little hands into. They don't have car seats here, so you can imagine how I had to wrestle with her during the 7 hour trip. She took 2 naps, so it really wasn't too bad and she went to her daddy for part of the trip, so I did get a little break.

When we arrived at our hotel in Hanoi we had our first 'blowout' incident. I knew that Ana Kate had messed her diaper and needed to be changed.....but as we were checking in I looked at her pants and noticed that her mess had seeped out of the diaper and through her pants. At that point I was frantic to get her back to the room and change her. Once we get to our room I thought it was so bad I should spread out a towel and change her on the floor. I should mention that Ana Kate doesn't like to be still while I change her diapers, so Doug had to hold her still. Once I saw how bad it was I also needed him to hold her feet. We decided after 5 wipes that she needed a bath immediately. So Doug stood her up to take her into the bathroom and she started peeing. Thank goodness we had a towel under her. We were laughing so hard she looked at us like we were crazy. But she discovered how to splash in the tub and had lots of fun.

After the bath and fresh clothes we headed out with the Templeton's to the Big C store to eat some good American fast food (KFC) and buy some water, diapers, and snacks. Ana Kate took another nap while we ate, which was actually good as this was the first full meal that I've eaten since we got her. She woke up as we finished and we went back to the hotel. We played with her and she was very happy. She is still trying to walk around by herself and she fell and hit her head on the doorway. I felt so bad for her, but she just cried for a second. She has a little bump on her head, but she still has no fear. We got her to laugh a lot today and she still mimics pretty much everything we do. She waves 'hi' and 'bye' to everyone which is cute. We love her so much! She's still a mommy's girl, but she did better with Doug today. She mostly clings to me when she's tired. If I leave her sight she crawls after me and pulls herself up on my pantlegs. Her medicine seems to be working as her ears have stopped draining, so I think she's feeling better. We only took a couple of pictures this morning...and I think my eyes are closed in both of them....I'll go ahead and post one so you can see our little cutie pie....but I'll try to take more tomorrow.

I must be tired because this is one of many pictures where my eyes are closed...but isn't our little sweet pea precious!!


Anonymous said...

Candace, thanks so much for taking the precious time to give us all updates. We love them. Ana Kate is adorable. I laughed about the "potty" stories. I'm pretty sure both my boys had similar episodes. I'm glad you survived the ride back to Hanoi. You're in our prayers.


Deric & Amanda said...

Oh how you got to love those explosions!! Sounds like Doug is turning into a wonderful daddy.... he even got "blessed". Did she even hit him?? I hope she doesn't throw a git when she has to go in a car seat. Well I can't wait to see more pictures. I check your blog like 3 times a day to get updates!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, Doug, Whitney and Ana Kate. She's precious and I love all the pix. Thanks for keeping us involved with the blog. Be safe. I can't wait to see the whole family together!

Love and prayers