Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 13 - Rainy Day in Hanoi

It rained on and off all day today. After breakfast we gave baby girl a bath and then headed out with Laura (Templeton) to see the Vietnam Ethnology Museum. It was very interesting, but hard to see everything in just one visit (when you have two babies and 4 year old along). All the kids were very good, but as it got close to lunch time we decided to head back to the hotel. We ate some snacks while Ana Kate napped and then we headed downtown for some more shopping. You would think we would be tired of shopping by now, but there are so many interesting things here. We bought a couple of gifts and a conical hat for Ana Kate. She looks so cute in it. We got very wet, but had a good time. We watched a movie when we got back to the hotel and then had dinner. The pictures below are mostly of baby girl from today. Laura taught her how to stick her tongue out yesterday, so we had to get a picture of that.

Baby girl after her bath.

800 fish baskets on a bike...from the Ethnology Museum.

Ana Kate looking adorable in her conical hat.

Ana Kate sticking out her tongue.

Ana Kate trying to get the camera.


Anonymous said...

Hey--email if you get time. When are you starting home? Love, Shell

Anonymous said...

loving your blog and the pics! I am typing w/ one hand because Sophie is sitting on my lap enjoying the pics also! I am putting your package in the mail Monday so it should be there when you arrive home. I said in a note that I included a gift receipt, but then forgot to put it in there! I can send them later if u end up needing them! Give that sweet baby girl hugs and kisses from me!