Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wow....a week without posting!


I have so enjoyed the break from the 365 posting, but I find I already miss having the daily pictures of Ana Kate.  I only took pictures of her twice this week, but it was a nice break.  We had an eventful week.  On Tuesday night we settled in from of the tv to watch the Razorbacks in the Sugar Bowl.  Ana Kate was all dressed up and ready to cheer them on....unfortunately they didn't win.  : (  But she looked super cute in her cheerleading uniform, so I took a few photos.

 Thursday we met up with my cousin Jennifer and her daughter Sydney at chick-fil-a to let the girls play.  They had a great time and it was nice to go for breakfast rather than lunch because it wasn't packed.  I had a great time talking with Jennifer while the girls played and Ana Kate was actually tired enough for a nap when we got home.  : )  After her nap we played with bubbles outside because it was such a beautiful day....chilly, but very sunny and quite comfortable out on our front porch.

 Friday we were up early again for our first MOPS meeting of the semester.  We switched the tables around to accommodate new Moms, so I got to meet some new ladies.  We had fun chatting and as a bonus my cousin Jennifer is now at my table, so we were happy about that.  Doug was traveling this week and didn't get home until 2am on Friday night...Ana Kate insisted on waiting up for him.  I said fine because I didn't think she'd actually stay awake that long....but she did.  I put her to bed as soon as he got home.

Saturday we took Ana Kate to Sydney's birthday party.  It was a swim party and Ana Kate had a blast.  I had to make her leave and she was so tired she crashed in the car.  We ran home and changed and then had our long night at church.  We had 10 toddler in class, but they were great!  Ana Kate did great at church, but she was worn out when we got home.  We both slept in late this morning and it was SO nice!  We're enjoying a lazy day today.  Ana Kate starts back to school tomorrow and it's supposed to snow.  Ana Kate really wants snow, but I'm hoping the roads stay clear.


Candace said...

Hi Candace! Thank you for posting a comment on my blog! You are so very sweet and I am so thankful that we have "met" through blogging. I love watching your sweet girl grow along with my Gracie! :) Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! :)