Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to school....

Ana Kate went back to school today (actually it's Mother's Day Out, but we call it school).  She's been out for over a month and I think we were both ready to get back on schedule!  She was super excited and ran right into her class.  I got a lot done while she was at it was a good day!  Since we are getting back into our routing I really need to start focusing on some of my projects.  I really need to finish knitting my second hat and do some marketing stuff for my photography business.  I also need to actually start of my new year's goals that I have yet to even begin yet....maybe this week??

Ana Kate hasn't been sleeping very well, so I'm hoping she does better tonight.  I'm not sure if she's having bad dreams, or maybe I'm putting her in bed too early before she is actually tired.  I have been making her take naps and that's causing more issues at bedtime, so maybe she doesn't actually need a nap anymore??  It's the ongoing debate around here.  I think if I could consistently get her up early in the morning (at least by 7am) then naps would be ok.  Maybe getting back into the school schedule will help.

I am thinking about doing some different posts each week that would be photography related....maybe even some tutorials or some fun photo projects.   I kind of got in a rut with my photography lately and I think it would be fun to try some new things.  I think I'll start that next week.  As for today, I just have some pictures of my pretty girl before we left for school this morning.  We only took a few pictures because it was only 15 degrees outside!!


Shelby said...

oooh - tutorials - YES, please. I would love some insight into how to take photographs even remotely as good as yours.