Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pictures and a holiday update!

I am finally getting around to posting again!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I was sick for a week after my last post with a horrible cold and didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  Then, the Sunday before Thanksgiving my cousin Taryn and her kids (Logan & Piper) came to visit and stayed the week.  We had such a wonderful time!  Taryn enjoyed a spa day with Whitney one day and another day I was able to do a photo session with the kids.  Ana Kate and I both enjoyed the week off of school, but wow….the first day back this week was tough!  We’re already looking forward to Christmas break.  ; )  I am just now setting up my Christmas tree, so that will keep me busy this week.
And on to photography……
First a few of the many faces of Ana Kate…..random from a recent session where I was attempting to get Christmas card photos.  We may have to try again, but here is a peek:
DSC_7064DSC_7070  DSC_7139
Also I want to share a couple of my favorites from a recent family session I did for my friends Mark & Rena (such a sweet family):
DSC_6671 DSC_6717
And last, but not least… are the photos of Logan & Piper….love them SO much! (And 1 of Taryn who hates having her picture made, but she’s so pretty!)
DSC_7098DSC_7079 cropped DSC_7089 2nd edit  DSC_7105 DSC_7113 b&w DSC_7188 DSC_7288
I will have more posts up this week, one of which will be about a really fun photo challenge!