Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy Saturday, Slow Sunday

  We had a busy Saturday and a very slow Sunday.  Saturday morning I took some family photos for some friends of mine.  The weather was perfect and I captured some great shots.  I’ll post some of them after I’ve edited their session.  We had a wedding to go to Saturday night and Ana Kate was SO excited.  She has never been to a wedding and she could not stop talking about it.  She couldn’t wait to see the bride walk down the aisle and for them to kiss.  (She’s obviously been watching too many princess movies).  She was very good at the wedding and sat still and was quiet (for the most part).  She did have a funny moment though.  I’m not sure it will sound nearly as funny as it actually was, but I’ll try to explain it.  Our friends Deric, Amanda, and Amelia were sitting beside us and Ana Kate kept sitting on Doug’s lap in order to be closer to Amelia.  At one point she moved off Doug’s lap to stand up in the aisle in front of us.  When she got up we heard a big poot (that’s the word we use for passing gas as I don’t like Ana Kate saying the other word).   At first I looked at Doug and then back at her and said, ‘Ana Kate!’ (obviously implying that we don’t do that in public, much less at a wedding during the ceremony…)  She turned around and I’m not sure why, (maybe we cause we were all looking at her) she smiled and gave us a big thumbs up!  I lost it, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard while trying to be silent.  Just when I thought I could stop laughing I looked at Doug and he was shaking with laughter as well.  I couldn’t see anyone else from my spot, but Amanda told me later that she had tears from laughing so hard.  It really doesn’t sound that funny and maybe it was worse because we were supposed to be quiet, but oh my….we found it hilarious at that moment.  I wish I had a video of it to harass Ana Kate with when she’s older.  : )  So that was our entertainment for the evening.  I now wonder what the people sitting behind us were thinking.  Maybe they were laughing too?  Who knows…..
We went out to eat after the wedding and by the time we got home I started feeling terrible.  I think I caught Ana Kate’s cold and on top of that I also got a migraine.  So I went to bed and spent most of Sunday in bed.  I did take a few minutes to go outside and snap some pictures of Ana Kate playing in the leaves before it rained.  The fresh air made me feel slightly better, but I just couldn’t shake the migraine until late Sunday night.  So thankful to be feeling better today!
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