Monday, January 5, 2009

Still sick...

Ana Kate is still sick and sounds bad, but I do think she's feeling better. We have a follow up appointment with her pediatrician in the morning, so we'll see what he thinks. She is acting more like herself, but unfortunately she's also experiencing some nasty side effects from the antibiotic (of the blowout variety)....which is pretty nasty. So I'm trying to just keep her hydrated. We've already been through 3 outfits today, so I finally gave up and put her in her pajamas before dinner. Hopefully they can give her something tomorrow to help. She only took an hour nap today and I knew she was tired after dinner. I was checking my email in the kitchen and she was playing at my feet.....when I realized that she was very quiet. I looked over at her and she was sound asleep on the kitchen floor! It couldn't have been comfortable, but she looked content. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures before moving her to the couch. She is still asleep, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and post an update.

Sleepy girl: