Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dining Room Window Before & After

I thought I would post my most recent DIY project.  We moved into a new home this year and after replacing all of the wood floors and painting the kitchen cabinets, I needed a break from all things DIY.  This month I have finally decided to start hanging pictures and putting up drapes.  We have two bay windows in our house which poses a bit of a problem with drapery hardware.  I know they sell some special bay window hardware, but it is hard to find, difficult to measure for, and can be expensive.  I saw an idea somewhere (possibly Pinterest) to make your own bay window hardware using pvc pipe and spray paint.  I cannot remember and cannot find that link anywhere, but a big thank you to whoever came up with the idea.  It worked brilliantly!  Now, you will notice the paint looks unfinished near the ceiling because we are adding crown molding that will cover that.  I thought about hanging the drapes higher, but finding suitable longer length drapes has been difficult too.  I found these linen drapery panels for $19.99 for 2 panels at T.J. Maxx! 
A great price and very nice material, so I went with the shorter length.  (They were a bit short of the floor however, so I had to rip the seam out and re-hem them.)

So here are the materials.

My husband figured out the measurements and angles that we needed, I spray painted the pvc pipe and the finials. We just bought 4 brackets that matched our spray paint color.

And ta da...

You can see in the picture that it really does look like a metal curtain rod.  I am pretty pleased with this project.  It fits perfectly and didn't cost a lot.


Amanda said...

What a great idea!! It looks great !!