Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yes, we're still here....

Yes we're still here...just very busy lately. We were super busy in September, October, and November! So, in order to keep it simple, I'll do a recap in pictures. I will try to update more frequently in the fact, I plan on trying to do at least one post per week. Let's see if I can keep that up!

A quick update on Ana Kate. She is getting to be such a big girl! She talks just like an adult, has an amazing memory, and has more energy than anyone I know! : ) She can sing her ABC's and count to 12. She also knows many songs and loves to sing them all the time. She usually wants Doug and I to sing with her, but the other day she was singing 'Jesus Loves Me' and when I tried to sing with her she said, "No Mommy....I do it by myself!" She's quite bossy! She is doing SO well in the church nursery now....she goes in and doesn't cry or look back...yay! I even take her to a different church nursery for my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meetings and she does great! Ana Kate and I both got sick at the end of October. Ana Kate tested positive for Type A flu, so it could have been the swine flu, but they didn't test specifically for H1N1. Whatever she had, I had the same thing....we were miserable for a few days, but everyone is healthy now. Hopefully we will stay that way through the winter!

Ok....on to the good stuff. Enjoy the pictures!

We went to Dallas over Labor Day weekend to visit our good friend Sherry. While we were there we visited the Dallas Aquarium and the Zoo. Ana Kate LOVED it!

With Sherry at the zoo.

A couple of family pics taken in September.

Both of my 1st cousins (who are sisters) gave birth to their beautiful babies on the same day...September 15th. Ana Kate and I were able to go and visit Taryn and baby Piper the day she was born. We finally were able to visit with Brandi and baby Rhys in November...he's adorable!!

Baby Piper....SO precious!

Taryn & Piper

Ana Kate & Logan (holding his baby sister Piper).

A couple of random pics of Ana Kate from September....notice she is wearing her pants on her head in one of them....silly girl!

Brad & Ana Kate watching Elmo.

In October I was able to go meet some of my very best friends from high school. Claudia (who lives in California) and I flew to Illinois to see Michelle and her family for a few days. We had an amazing time and promised to meet up at least once every year from now on. We went to visit a pumpkin patch one day when we were there and the kids had a blast! Michelle has 3 boys (Michael, Matthew, & baby Andrew) and Claudia is hoping to have a baby soon.

Me, Michelle, & Claudia.

Michelle & Claudia

Michelle & I

Ana Kate & I meeting baby Andrew.

Ana Kate, Michael, and Matthew having fun at the pumpkin patch.

Group picture

Sweet kisses from my sweet baby girl.

Me & Michelle with the kids.

Claudia & I with the kids in front of the giant pumpkin.

Claudia with the kids.

Me & the kids.

Ana Kate was such a BIG girl....she went down this huge slide all by herself several times and she LOVED it!

Ana Kate loved Michelle's kitty's.

She loved the horses too.

Michelle, Claudia, and I....together again after almost 20 years!

Halloween picture....she was a fairy.

We went to see Papa earlier this month and it was SO the high 70's.

Playing at the park with Papa...Ana Kate LOVES her Papa.


Ana said...

She is turning into such a big girl now! And so pretty!

Uh do you like all of that bossiness and sassiness coming out? I'm trying to view it as a positive - ya know - a natural born leader and an independent thinker, ect, ect HA - makes for challenging parenting for sure. Hee Hee