Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I didn't take a single picture...I guess we were a little lazy!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Deric & Amanda's house and it was great! Lots of yummy food and fun conversation. Ana Kate had a blast as well....she loves their dogs and chased them around screaming all afternoon. Whitney went to her Dad's for Thanksgiving, so we missed her, but she had fun.

On Thursday night I decided I would do a little black Friday shopping and made my list. I stayed up late to do some online shopping at the time I finished it was almost 3am, so I decided to just stay up and hit some of the stores at 5am! I was tired by the end of Friday, but I got everything on my list for a great price! We spent the rest of Friday relaxing and enjoying the holiday.

Saturday we went to church and then Sunday I woke up with a we did absolutely nothing. Since I had planned to put up the tree this weekend, but didn't get to it, I guess I'll be working on my Christmas decorations today. We'll see how far I get with my little helper. : )

On another note....Ana Kate is a much better sleeper than she used to be, however, she still wakes up at least once each night and either cries or gets in our bed. On Friday night she slept in her bed all night without waking up or crying at all! Yay!! However, Mommy was not so lucky. Whitney decided she needed to ask me a question and called me at 3:40am waking me up!! So, I guess if it's not my 2 year old waking me's my 18 yr old. : )

I have a lot planned for this week, so hopefully will have another post this week with lots of pictures!


Ana said...

Hurray for sleeping all night in her bed!!!!

And I TOTALLY understand about either the little one or the 18 yr old keeping you awake. I'm sure one of these decades we'll get some sleep.

And hurray for Black Friday Shopping -- we did the same thing! Hee Hee Diet Coke was my best friend that day.