Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Whitney!!

My oldest 'baby' turned 20 today.....can you believe that!  It seems like only yesterday she was starting junior high, now she's grown, out of the house, and starting her career.  I only saw her for a few minutes when we took cake and flowers to her salon.  She is such a blessing and I love her so much!

I've had a crazy busy week which has resulted in no posts, photography or otherwise.  I kept baby Amelia on Wednesday and Friday for the last couple of weeks and she is SO sweet!  She is a super easy baby, but it's definitely different have two little ones to look after instead of just one.  I also went to meet my cousin Taryn on Thursday night to pick up her daughter Piper.  Taryn needed some help while my Aunt Sharlette had surgery and was in the hospital, so I offered to take Piper for a few days.  Piper is 18 months old and she and Ana Kate are having a blast together!  Yesterday I had Amelia, Piper, and Ana was a lot of work, but fun!  Good thing I drive a suburban....the back seat was completely full of car seats!  We went to MOPS and had a great time and then did some shopping.  Doug was off work yesterday, so he went shopping with us, which helped a lot.  It's definitely not easy loading and unloading the car with 3 kids age 3 and under.  But we managed and everyone was happy.  After Amelia went home I made dinner and Piper fell asleep in her high chair while she was eating....I guess we've worn her out! 

We woke her up and took the girls to the park for a while so that Piper wouldn't be up all night.  I didn't take many pictures, but hopefully I'll do better this weekend.