Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Not too much going on around here this week.  We've been snowed in the past two days and I'm guessing we won't get out much until Friday or Saturday.  Ana Kate doesn't have school tomorrow and my bible study is cancelled, so we'll have to figure out something fun to do together.  I love staying home and it takes a really long time for me to get cabin fever....but we might venture out tomorrow to do some shopping while everyone else is staying home.  I have a 4-wheel drive SUV, so I think we'll be fine.  It's SO cold outside though...down to the single digits, I can't believe it was 70 degrees just 4 days ago...crazy!

Anyway, while we were snowed in I decided to try out some new photo set-ups in my studio and I love the pictures I captured of Ana Kate!  She wasn't into posing, but I promised her a popsicle if she she gave in.  I think she did a great job!  : )  I am working on another photography post/tutorial for tomorrow or Friday, so come back and check it out.


Amanda said...

I love the picture of Ana Kate! So pretty!