Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ana Kate at 15 months

Ana Kate turned 15 months on the last day of November, so I thought I'd post an update and some pictures. She is doing SO many new things each and every day.....she is hard to keep up with.

  • Ana Kate has been off the bottle for a couple of months now and she's doing great! We switched her to regular milk at the same time and she transitioned very well. She never seemed to care about not having the bottle, so the whole thing was very painless.
  • She now has 12 teeth...the last 4 (molars) seemed to come in all at the same time. So she can pretty much eat anything she wants now, but she still isn't what I'd call a good eater. But even though she's not a big eater, she loves any type of sweets or candy and will never turn any of it down. When she sees candy she will ask for's really cute and hard to resist. : )
  • She now weighs approximately 22 lbs and is 30 inches long. So she's still growing quite a bit even though she doesn't eat much.
  • Ana Kate loves to dance and it's so funny to watch her....I've never seen a baby her age dance like she does and it's adorable. I've tried to catch her on video, but the camera always seems to distract her. I will try to get some video of her soon and post it.
  • Her vocabulary is growing and her newest words this week so far are backpack and turtle. She is getting interested in some of the cartoons....her current favorites are the Backyardigans and Wonder Pets. She loves dancing to the Backyardigans.
  • I also have to mention that she is obsessed with Elmo. Every time she spots him she points and says 'Elmo' repeatedly. She does this quite'd be surprised how many things have Elmo on them. She knows all of the characters names, but for some reason Elmo is her favorite.
  • Ana Kate also LOVES the theme song they play for the 'Jon & Kate plus 8' promos on TV. She starts dancing to the music and then when it's over she gets mad because she still wants to dance. I found the video for the song online and she will listen to it over and over.
  • One of the funniest things Ana Kate does is the hold her nose and say 'stinky' when anything smells bad. It's so funny!

I haven't taken as many pictures lately as usual, but I do have a few new ones. Enjoy.


Deric said...

She looks so cute in her hat!!! I look forward to hearing how she is doing every time you post anything or when I see her. She is such a doll. You are such a great mommy!!