Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Re-adoption Day...

Well, not tecnically re-adoption. Today we went to court to finalize our 'Recognition of Foreign Adoption'.

Our adoption was already finalized in Vietnam on June 16th. However, all of Ana Kate's paperwork had her Vietnamese name on it and we only had her Vietnamese birth certificate. So completing the 'recognition of foreign adoption' allows us to get a U.S. birth certificate from our state (listing Doug & I as her parents), to have an adoption decree issued by a court in the U.S., and it also allows us to legally change her name at the same time. Up until today her Vietnamese name (Linh Nhu) has been her legal name, but she is now officially Ana Kate!

This is one of our final steps in the adoption process and I think probably the easiest so far. Now we just have to wait until her birth certificate comes in and we can apply for her social security number and U.S. passport. Our last step will be to change her name on her Certificate of Citizenship paper. We weren't sure we were going to do this, but since our embassy incorrectly listed her name on her visa....her name is all wrong on the Certificate of Citizenship....so we will just change it to her legal name.

A picture of us before we left.

Ana Kate in her pretty butterfly dress:

Picture with the judge.