Friday, September 26, 2008

Ana Kate at 1 year...

Today we went in to the doctor for Ana Kate's check-up as well as her second round of immunizations. She weighed 20lbs 10oz and was 29.5 inches long. So she's grown a bit since she's been home. Her doctor said she's doing wonderfully. She charmed him today along with the nurse and they thought she was adorable. The nurse felt so bad when she gave her the shots...Ana Kate had big tears running down her face and she looked so pitiful. But by the time we got out to the car she was fine.

I thought I would also give everyone an update of what Ana Kate is doing at 1 year old.

  • She still has eight teeth, but she is working on number fact I think one little part of it has just broken through her gums today.

  • She's walking, running, and climbing...she has been doing this for a while, but she’s getting faster now and is able to climb on more and more things.

  • She is also saying many new words...her vocabulary gets bigger every day. Her newest is her first two word combination 'good girl'...but her other current favorites are ‘hot’ and ‘Hi’. She really is starting to use her words in context.

  • She is also beginning to understand everything that is said to her and is starting to follow directions. Did I mention one of her other favorite words is 'No' we often hear this when she doesn't want to follow directions. :)

  • She gives lots of kisses...all you have to do is ask for a kiss and she’ll usually give you one. She’s such a sweet girl.

  • When we count to three she will hold up 1 finger when we say ‘one’ and sometimes if we don't go fast enough for her she will say 'two' on her own.

She's doing so much more every day. This is such a fun's just amazing to see them grow at this stage and see how quickly they learn new things.

She is still not a great sleeper, but we're making some progress. She has started taking longer naps the past week or so. She has also only been up 1 or 2 times per night.

She is also not much of an eater, but I'm hoping she'll get better as we phase out her bottle. She will eat some foods now, but usually only a few bites. Then at other times she will shove everything on her highchair tray into her mouth...then when she realizes she can't chew or swallow such a large amount of food she starts gagging and spits everything out. That wouldn't be so bad but she then continues to gag until she throws up everything else in her stomach. It doesn't happer that often, but she can throw up on demand when she's mad. She just starts coughing and gagging and if I tell her to stop it she it's totally controllable. I've never seen anything like it.

I thought I would also include some recent pictures. These are from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy.

I'm pretty sure she was doing a high five in this one.


She finally realized she had a headband on...and took care of the problem. :)

My little bowlegged girl...

In her cute little sweatsuit.

Another one....

Finally she has enough hair to get bedhead.

All worn out....


Deric & Amanda said...

she is a doll baby! You
Get great pics of her.