Sunday, July 13, 2008

Settling In....

Well we're finally settling in and getting into a routine somewhat. We had family in over the holiday and are just now getting a chance to get back to normal. Ana Kate is doing great, she is such a wonderful baby girl. We feel so lucky and blessed to have her. She is walking all the time now without crawling and if she falls she just gets right back up. It seems like she does something new every day. She mimics just about everything and is quite a little character. We love her SO much! Whitney adores her little sister and thinks she's the cutest thing ever. I can't wait for the rest of our family and friends to meet her.

She still does not sleep through the night without waking 4-5 times and she takes VERY short naps. I'm hoping that she'll get better as we get on a more structured schedule. We've been pretty busy since we've been home and I'd say our biggest challenge has been the car seat. Ana Kate doesn't like to be confined and the car seat is just torture for her. We try to distract her and talk to her and that seems to help. I've taken her out a few times by myself and she did ok...but anything more than 30 minutes and baby girl shows her temper. We have her first doctor's appointment at the end of the month and will start her immunizations then.

We saw Marvin and Carol this weekend and they finally got to meet Ana Kate in person. They were so happy for us and delighted to see another baby home from Vietnam. Ana Kate and Quynh played together while we talked and it was so much fun to watch them. They are only a couple of months apart in age and they were just adorable together. I forgot my camera, but I will try to take some pictures of them together the next time we see them.

We don't have much planned for this week and hopefully I'll be better about updating the blog. Enjoy the pictures.

One of our first days back home.

Ana Kate with Grandpa M.

Ana Kate and Michelle.

Baby girl fell asleep during lunch.

Ana Kate helping Grandma M. load the dishwasher:


Anonymous said...

Logan says he can't wait to meet her - she is sooo sweet. Of course, the rest of us can't wait to meet her either. Give Ana Kate and Whit hugs and kisses for us!

Taryn & Logan