Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Post!

Hi! My name is Candace and my husband is Doug. We live in Rogers, Arkansas and have a 16 year-old daughter named Whitney. We decided to put together this blog to share our adoption journey with our friends and family.

My daughter was 13 when I married my husband, so he was initiated into parenthood with a easy task. After two years of marriage we decided that we both wanted to have more children, so we began to review our options. We had several discussions about adoption and through much thought and prayer we decided to adopt internationally. We began the process in October 2006 and thus began the long journey. We initially prepared a dossier for China, but then also completed a dossier for Vietnam, so we are now waiting on two sweet baby girls. We don't anticipate having our China sweet pea until sometime in 2009 (we completed our dossier in February 2007). We know that our Vietnam sweet pea will arrive first and we can't wait. We have been in the 'waiting phase' for Vietnam since we completed our dossier in April 2007 and are expecting a referral soon. We are so excited!!